A most selfless act – the true spirit of Christmas

On Monday one of My Food Bags incredibly dedicated and talented team members approached me.  In her email, she said that her and her husband had given some thought about making a big difference this year and they were wanting to purchase My Food Bags Christmas food bags to donate to families in need this Christmas. Her wish was to be able to donate Christmas food bags to foster families who make a difference in our community. “They give so much time and love to kids who have fallen through the gaps.”

My husband summarised it best when he responded to her saying “in all my years as a leader/manager I have never had any team member put forward such a personally generous (and selfless) proposal. It speaks volumes for who you are as a person. Thanks for kick starting such an amazing idea.”

This one thought and act of kindness has snowballed and following her email, we were able to extend her offer to contribute to our wider team as well as our group of partners and suppliers. So today I am absolutely thrilled to confirm that we will be donating over 1000 meals to families across this country of ours this Christmas. All thanks to the idea of one person.

I’d love to scream from the roof tops her name but I’ll leave it unsaid (for now). So here’s to you. You and your husband deserve every blessing 2017 has to bring.