As a family we strongly believe in giving back and forming part of a vibrant local and global giving eco system. We believe in supporting causes and charities that help make our collective future brighter.

Since school, Cecilia has supported World Vision and for many years raised funds for the World Wildlife Foundation growing up in Sweden. Teaching our children about giving and generosity is important to us – whether that be helping a stranger, donating money or volunteering time.

Locally we have seen many examples of generous and targeted leadership in the charitable space. Our friend and charitable role model is Theresa Gattung who has made a huge impact in areas that she is passionate about.

Looking into the future, we’re focused on using our skills, experience and capital in new ventures (both charitable and commercial) that aim to make New Zealand a better place.

Robinson Family Foundation

The Robinson Family Foundation will be our primary vehicle for our charitable efforts. We’re focused on areas that are critical to our future wellbeing. Our key areas of focus will be:

  • Children and youth.
  • Healthcare.
  • Women in business.

The Robinson Duo have developed a strong interest in healthcare, founding Tend Health. We believe our most important legacy is to help to create a healthcare system that is more equitable and accessible, both for patients and aspiring medical professionals.

Charitable causes:

  • Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust (regular monthly donations) 
  • World vision
  • Variety Children’s Charity
  • Starship 
  • Cure Kids 
  • He Kakano Programme 
  • Surf Life Saving 
  • Kindness Collective (both directly and through the Gattung Foundation) 
  • Middlemore Foundation 
  • As well as disaster relief through for example Red Cross 
  • Founding supporters of Coralus 
  • Alongside schools and other community organisations 


Our focus to date

Over the last 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting a broad spectrum of charitable initiatives and organisations. Our philanthropic journey has encompassed regular monthly donations to the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust, World Vision, Variety Children’s Charity, Starship, Cure Kids, Surf Life Saving, Kindness Collective (both directly and through the Gattung Foundation), Middlemore Foundation, and disaster relief efforts like those of the Red Cross. We are also proud founding supporters of Coralus (previously SheEO) and have extended our support to various schools and community organisations.

The Prince’s Trust and specifically the He Kakano Programme, is a key charity for our family, supporting youth entrepreneurship. 

During our tenure as Founders & Co-CEOs of My Food Bag (2012 – 2018), Cecilia and I were instrumental in leading the company’s donation programme, which generously provided 10,000 meals per month. We also initiated My Food Bag’s Christmas Gifting programme in 2013, focusing on gifting essential items and food to families in need during the festive season. With the incredible support of My Food Bag’s community, this programme has since donated over 100,000 gifts and essential items, working closely with multiple charities, including City Missions.

In April 2016, we launched what was then New Zealand’s most generous private company parental leave scheme, offering 18 weeks of paid leave at full salary. Under our leadership, a Living Wage was introduced, and we established an Employee Relief Fund to assist staff with unforeseen life events.

As COVID-19 impacted New Zealand in March 2020, we, alongside the My Food Bag founding group, responded by donating tens of thousands of meals to families across the nation. Additionally, we have supported various local and global causes to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic, reaffirming our commitment to our communities in times of need.

Prince’s Trust (PTNZ)

Cecilia is a founding trustee and James is a current trustee and board member of the Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand. The trust began in 1976, when His Majesty the King had a bold idea. Having completed his duty in the Royal Navy, His Majesty became dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK. As the Prince of Wales at the time, he founded the Trust to deliver on that commitment.

Their mission is to activate young New Zealander’s as the designers, authors, dreamers, creators and workers for a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

The Trust announced that it had supported one million young people globally to date in September 2020. In addition, James and Cecilia have both provided mentoring opportunities for youth through the Prince’s Trust.