Chilli Unplugged

Some of you might know that at My Food Bag we all have foodie middle names. From Nadia Lemongrass to Ryleigh Ricotta. Our middle names have become part of our culture and our DNA.  In fact one of our very talented chefs Ari drew individual drawings for each of our foodies with their nicknames on it (quite a feat considering there is about 70 of us in the office). Showcasing just how passionate we are about our names!

In March this year I renamed my weekly ‘end of week wrap up’ to our team as ‘Chilli Unplugged’ rather than Couscous as that was my authentic self! However today I am announcing to the world that I am officially moving from Couscous to Chilli as my authentic self!

So how did I get stuck with something inauthentic? Well 4 years ago when we first founded My Food Bag our brand agency decided to give us all middle names. We absolutely loved this idea but I ended up getting stuck with ‘couscous’ and never correcting it. Foolishly thinking it was just a detail. Although I could never quite get over the description of couscous as traditional, good, dry, fluffy and regular. It just didn’t seem to hit the mark.

But now as we enter our next generation of growth for My Food Bag, I am excited to fully embrace my new foodie middle name – Chilli! Chilli being known as ‘hot, spicy, winning and homemade’ seems like a much better fit for our next growth cycle as we prepare to IPO.

At the end of the day, this random little rant might seem unimportant. But it’s a reminder to each and every one of us to always put our authentic self at the heart of what we do.