How Dad jokes can breed innovation

Innovation isn’t a snazzy room in the corner of a building with touch screens and soft, colourful furnishing. Innovation isn’t the latest tech or management methodology. Innovation is people. And developing the right culture can unleash innovation.

So how can Dad jokes unleash innovation? Well, humour is a totally underrated leadership trait. If you’re having a difficult conversation, attempting to motivate, highlight a point that people will remember or even dealing with a serious issue – humour used well can help achieve a better outcome. Not taking yourself too seriously and being able to lighten the mood can also help create an environment where others feel more comfortable to speak up, share their ideas and not fear making a d*%k of themselves. Having a laugh can help open creativity in others.

Innovation is a 24/7 concept. If truly immersed in your culture, every action you take and decision you make will have innovation present. If your team has the confidence and freedom to express their views, share their thoughts and ask “why” – then you’ll constantly be challenging the status quo as an organisation.

When people are afraid (of the boss, of how they are perceived, of failure, of blame) they take less risks and tend to be more interested in protecting what they have today rather than creating a future for tomorrow.

So in the spirit of Dad jokes (and innovation) – want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it’s tearable!