Meet. Beat. Repeat.

I’m an extrovert. A sales person. Winning is important to me.  I like the challenge of a big audacious goal and setting the template to succeed. Many entrepreneurs are driven by their fear of failure. It’s something in our DNA. Accepting failure is simply not an option.

In my son I see that same streak. He’s the perfect mix of James and I, with a double dose of everything we are made up from. As I watch him navigating his feelings and emotions dealing with wins and losses I urge him to fight to achieve his goals. While being humble about your loss or being gracious in defeat is important – it’s also important for us to distil in our children “that it’s ok, to never stop fighting, you don’t have to accept your losses”. Don’t be the victim of your circumstance, be the master of your destiny.

At My Food Bag we set our goals, then we meet them, then we beat them and then we repeat that formula. This was always in our DNA when our chair (Kevin Roberts) spelled it out during a board meeting. Winning is simple. Meet. Beat. Repeat. He’d been given this nugget of gold from one of the world’s most prominent business leaders. Simple right?

With global events this week it’s important that we reset our goals and that we don’t give up. We need to reframe the conversation and look at what our next ‘met’ milestone should look like. We need to remember that we don’t give up. We keep fighting, we re-set our goals and we never ever give up without a real fight. While winning doesn’t always come easy, we work hard, we stay on track and we focus all our power and resource on that one goal: Meet. Beat. Repeat.