Millennial Minute – a sixty second read

Let’s face it – we’re the generation giving other generations a headache. Born between the early 80s and 2000s we’ve been brought up as digital natives and crave a set of gadgets/tools (whatever you might call them) – to make our life function.

Despite facing higher levels of unemployment and student debt than previous generations, millennials are renowned for having a drive and a desire to achieve social impact while sharing their life virally.

Facebook, snapchat, Pinterest – to name a few are, form part of the day-to-day life of a millennial and we are used to sharing our life (in particular the positives) through channels that immediately tell our network how we are feeling. So how do employers bottle the advantages of a millennia and get the best out of them?

  1. Embrace change

Allow millennials to explore, be inventive and challenge the norm. This might in turn mean letting your guard down and embracing change.

  1. Build inexperience with experience

Pair your millennia’s with other generations. Make sure that they get exposure across a wide variety of viewpoints and background to ensure optimum outcomes for the business.

  1. Challenge their technical ability

Put them at the forefront of technology. When launching new technology, put your millennials at the forefront and let them lead the testing. They will be the first to tell you if your website isn’t working properly, if it lacks imagery or is incompatible with other devices!

At the end of the day, we are all built the same but the key thing that has changed for this generation is the exposure to information. By embracing the millennials technical ability I have no doubt that you will quickly realise the benefits!