Never giving up

As you might have guessed, the last 2 ½ weeks have been life changing for the Robinson family. On Monday 30th of May, we finally welcomed our daughter, Leila, into our family.

While some of you may know, many of you won’t have seen how long the journey has been for us to become a family of four.  In just over 2 years, I’ve spent close to 20 months being pregnant, losing two little girls along the way but finally welcoming our precious Leila – the daugther we were always meant to have.

Through life, we all experience heartaches, but I believe what has given us our daughter is the fact that we’ve never given up. I thought I’d share some of the experiences we learned along the way and how we ultimately came to have our baby girl. Because when facing a series of heartbreaks and setbacks it’s important to have some strategies to support you along the way:

  1. Focus on what you do have: For us, it was our beautiful and healthy son, Thomas. An exceptionally happy and loving marriage and partnership. Family and friends. And a business and team that we love and that challenges us!
  2. Understand the problem and seek answers: We engaged with the key experts in our field to get the right answers. We didn’t leave it to chance and sought advice from several specialists to formulate a plan. We’ve found that in challenging situations, you want to be surrounded (and influenced) by experts.
  3. Have a back-up plan: This might sound counterintuitive to ‘never giving up’, however this doesn’t mean that you give up on your dream. It simply means that your dream might change or that you redefine it. A big part of this is being able to recognise the nuance of the change you’re experiencing (yes, life is chaotic and unpredictable). Mastering the way you respond to unforeseen issues and obstacles and turning them into positive learning experience will always put you in a better position than you were before.

So, why share our story? Because Never giving up is a universal concept – which you can apply to any challenge you’re facing. And while late pregnancy loss is a lot more unusual, 1 in every 4 women experience early miscarriage. With over 100 team members involved in My Food Bag, there is no doubt (unfortunately) that some of our team may experience what we’ve been through, or face another challenge just as personally affecting, and difficult.

So take it from us, never giving up can, in itself, be truly life changing.