Our Believers

Start-ups have a number of ingredients to make them successful, at a most basic level an idea, the funding, the innovation, the execution, the dream and the vision to make that idea successful. When you found a business that tends to be the focus and it can be easy to lose sight on what’s most important – the early joiners. The believers.  

This week has been an opportunity for the My Food Bags founders to take stock and celebrate our people, our team and most importantly say ‘thank you’ for the blood, sweat and tears (so far) as we set our sights on the next big adventure.

Just over 4 years ago when we finalised My Food Bags business plan neither James, nor I could have imagined where we would be today. I continue to be incredibly grateful for all the incredible people who have crossed our path along the way. From one of our earliest joiners Johnny, who I came across in a group interview – vying for a job as a driver and now one of our most valuable operational assets. To Kay who is a passionate development kitchen member, who trialled My Food Bag before we launched and exclaimed she’d pay $500 per/week for it (phew for our customers that Kay doesn’t set the pricing)! And Harriet who flew up from Wellington to interview for a role in the marketing team (pre there being a “marketing team”). Then of course there was Jeremy – our ‘diamond in the rough’ who we’ve adored from the day we first met! 

This week we celebrate the greatness of our people. Not the packaging, the marketing or even the product. Simply the people. Because innovation doesn’t happen, and can’t happen without people. So thank you, to every single one of you who change the lives of kiwis every day. You are believers because you have believed and you are what make this business tick.

Now it’s time to set our eyes on the next milestone and every single one of you are now an ‘early joiner’ of what’s yet to come – the most exciting bit yet!