Our Purpose

When KR joined our board as Chair the first task he set us; was to develop our Purpose.  My Food Bag was almost 2 years old at this stage and in retrospect it staggers me to think that we didn’t have our Purpose on paper. Partly I think this was because we had an innate gut feel as to who we were and where we were going.  But while we verbalised this to our team – we needed to actually cement this by putting it on paper to give us all a clear sense of direction.


Well, KR puts it best ‘Winning starts with purpose, is powered by it, is sustained by it’.  To be a winning business and to continue to win for years to come – you need a well-defined Purpose. Our Purpose document has 6 key pillars to it: Our Dream; Our Spirit; Our Beliefs; Our Characters; Our Focus and Our Greatest Imaginable Challenge (the GIC).

Yesterday when we kicked off our first monthly session with the newly formed Strategic Leadership team – our foundation for this meeting started with our Purpose. We asked ourselves, is it still relevant? Are we true to our beliefs? Has our character changed? Does our spirit truly reflect who we are? Is our GIC really reflective of the business and its intentions?

Over the past 2 years James and I have become real believers in our Purpose, I’d like to think we embody it. Certainly, we breath it, we feel it and we champion it. It has become part of our DNA and shapes the way we take on the business and our opportunities and challenges.  Over the next few weeks my blog posts will centre around the pillars of our purpose, the aspects of it that has stayed true and anything that we agree should be updated or changed.

So therefore I’d like to throw that challenge back to our team by starting with our dream – is it still our dream ‘To become one of the world’s most loved food businesses’? Why or why not? Whoever, comes back to me with some thought on this will be in for a spin of the wheel next Friday!