Our Spirit

You might’ve noticed my recent blog posts have focused on particular aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. The mindset you choose to cultivate, the people you choose to be around, the ways you choose to respond to any given situation.  These are the pieces of the puzzle and advise, when combined, are the key ingredients to the create the great driver that is momentum, and it’s co-pilot, is the spirit of the journey.

In this blog, I’ll focus on the latter. After establishing Our Purpose, we honed in on our spirit statement. While we previously had our spirit statement as “Championing Nude Food, no boundaries”, it recently dawned on that us that, while Nude Food forms an important part of our belief system, it isn’t actually at the core of our spirit.


It’s a fine line – but important to understand the difference between belief and spirit… I like to define our spirit as the heartbeat of our business. A quick Google search will present you with multiple definitions, however the most suited to complement our purpose is – ‘the prevailing or typical quality, mood, or attitude of a person, group, or period of time’.

So what is the attitude of our group, the My Food Bag team and how do we define our collective quality/qualities? How does this feed into our spirit statement?

We took the question to our Strategic Leadership Team (they look after the over-arching business strategy). It took all of about 3 seconds to realise that one of the pillars of our beliefs which states; ‘Our Foodies are at the heart of every decision we make, always’ was actually our heartbeat and therefore our spirit.

At My Food Bag, every single decision that we make always does (and always will) start and end with our customer. We explore, in-depth, what the right decision is for our foodies and spend a huge amount of time listening to the mood of our customers.

So – that is what we believe should be our new spirit statement.  And hopefully something which the entire team of My Food Bag Foodies will identify best with! So what do you think, is this our spirit and what drives your spirit? Once you uncover what drives you, you’ll learn how to use your spirit to fuel your purpose!